Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Transfer Calls Are In!

Hola friends and familia!

What a crazy week! Again! Mission life is ALWAYS an adventure!

Well we got transfer calls yesterday and sister To is indeed leaving me! She's going to the North stake though, where Kingsway is! She'll be serving in St. Albert, a little city just north of Edmonton! She is so loved by the people here in Cherry Grove! I've learned a lot from her in these past 7 weeks! I've been blessed to have a companion as weird as me! So we took quite a few pictures this week to compensate!

On Wednesday we taught seminary. It was a lesson on missionary work really, and we committed those in the class to hand out a Book of Mormon. We talked about how the Book of Mormon is a second witness and helps to prevent the teachings in the Bible from being skewed. It's just such a cool book! Then we were able to go to the food bank again! We knew some people volunteering there and when lunch came around the husband said his wife packed us lunch! She had packed 4 extra sandwiches for him because she knew someone would need it! She also is the most prevalent supply of food in our fridge currently. She's so charitable!

On Thursday we taught seminary too! Then we drove out to St. Paul to have a district meeting and the senior couple in our district is so sweet! They made lunch for all of us for after the meeting! We talked about working in unity and being equally yoked. :) We did a role play where we both testified for every principle in a lesson. We really need to just testify about the Saviour all the time! We took a
district picture but I don't have it yet... sorry! The weather was still pretty bad and there were quite a few blizzards this week!

On Friday it was nice and dreary out! We made plans to go contacting and we had a bunch of appointments set up with new people and we were so excited! But as the day progressed everything fell through and we got countless rejections all day! It was really tough!

It helps to know that as a representative of Jesus Christ that we won't only experience His joy, successes and love, but also His sorrows and rejections. Luckily He has given us the Atonement. We know that His suffering far exceeds ours. We never have to go where He did. What a blessing!

Then Saturday, the weather shifted. It was bright and sunny and warm out! Everyone wanted to talk to us and we saw a lot of success! We scheduled more appointments and everyone was much nicer. :)

Then we went to help out at the Relief Society dinner. We had make your own Hawaiian haystacks for dinner and then delicious RS cake for dessert! We had to add two extra tables from what we originally set out because sooo many people came! Lots were visiting for Easter too! The broadcast itself was incredible! I'm so looking forward to General Conference this weekend! It mostly talked about charity and service, especially for those right in our own communities! They talked about the "I Was a Stranger" refugee initiative. It should be really influential when it starts up! 

Link to I Was a Stranger site:

Then we had a good lesson with an investigator afterwards and we talked about the talk "You Know Enough," which I absolutely love! If you haven't read it, read it. Especially if you feel as though you are struggling.

Sunday was also so great! I love Easter and I love fast and testimony meeting! We had soooo many people come to church, the gym was even full! Everyone comes out here for Easter! We had one investigator come that really enjoyed it. Sister To and I can see him being quite influential in the church. It's exciting to see what will happen with him. :) We talked about the Atonement in Sunday school... talk about perfect timing! So that was really great as well. Delaney is still preparing for baptism soon!

We went to the Hatch's for Easter dinner afterwards, they're such a great family I love them! There's a picture of sister To with them, since she's leaving. :(

We then went to a farewell for a sweet couple who is going over to Ontario for their mission next week! Keep your eyes open for Dennis and Marlene Hatch. (Most of the Ward has the last name Hatch, or Burgess here).

On Monday we got the transfer calls. Sister Christensen will be coming to Cherry Grove with me, I'm excited to meet her but will definitely miss Sister To! Then we went to a sweet widows house and she fed us delicious food. I love her! She has a door mat that says "Go Away!" and she's quite sassy! She gave sister To a big WET kiss before we left! Then we volunteered at the Orbital Trends store and a less active cut our hair for us! It feels so nice to have all the dead ends off! Then they fed us moose steak! That was really good!

It's been a fantastic transfer! Lots to come in the future though, for sure! Have a great week! Thanks for all your love and support!

Love always,

Sister Baker ❤️

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