Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Games, McDonalds and Missionary Work

Friends and family!
This week! has been so long! But so good too!
We had a world wide devotional for missionaries on Wednesday that was awesome! It was so cool to know that everyone was receiving the exact same message from the church leaders and Apostles! Something David A. Bednar talked about a lot was how we use the Spirit. He talked about how we as missionaries, have the responsibility to bring the message unto people's hearts, but that they only way it will go into people's hearts is through the Holy Ghost.  He talked about how it is our job to help them recognize the Holy Ghost and to create an environment and atmosphere where He can bring the gospel into their hearts! It was so good! Afterwards we had a zone conference where we talked a lot about planning more effectively and how to better do our paperwork and that was also really good!
Yet another training we had was yesterday for all the YSA and language missionaries, since we do things a little differently! We talked about the do's and don't's of YSA activities and such and it was really informative. So a lot of meetings this week, I suppose, but it's still been super busy! We've taught a lot, and we're seeing a lot of progress!

One night, we were craving McDonalds after a lesson so we went to get fries and pies and their blueberry maple pie thing is so good! I think that that's a "Good Thing to Share," (shared in last weeks post) which is a great video by the way!  If I haven't told you to watch it yet, you should. That's something we've been watching a lot since this month we are focused on missionary work and specifically, invitations! Remember to invite people to act.... and no isn't the end of the world if it's just a "No!"

There was a basketball tournament over the weekend, so that was fun! We had someone we're working with bring three friends! It was awesome even if we still lost!  It's only cuz we're a tiny ward! :P  

The YSA played board games and card games for FHE last night and some of them looked so fun! I'll have to invest in a few!

Well, I'm not too sure what else to mention for this week! We're planning a mini mission for the ward in two weeks, so that's something to look forward to... and we have a baptism that same night so lots of good things! I can't wait!
Ditzy moment of the week.... Yesterday I slipped on my sock and tripped over my humidifier!  Needless to say, I had a sore funny bone, hip and water all over the floor... go me!  But you laugh at silly things and move on.  That's all you can do!
Love you all and keep working hard! Seriously, watch some of the Bible videos... talk about powerful!

Love always,
Sister Baker

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Short Notice For Home

Hello Friends and Family!

Wow! What a crazy pday! It's taken me so long to email because Sister Rogers just got sent home so we had to rush to pack all of her things up! It was crazy short notice but she will receive the medical
attention she needs back home! She's taught me a lot these past few months and it's really brought our apartment closer as we've all served together. :) She is so loved and will be so missed!

This week has been a lot of craziness. We've been constantly switching off to get everything done. I've had the chance to work with some youth as I've helped in the Londonderry ward.  It was really neat to see the youth formulating personal mission plans for 2016.  I hope that you all have goals to invite those around you to come unto Christ somehow.

I'm not going to be able to write much else so I'll keep it short!

The Mandarin Elder's investigator, Bai Quan was baptized on Saturday. It was such a sweet experience and we all love her so much. It's been so neat to see her progress and grow over the months!

I love and appreciate all of your emails and letters so much! Have a wonderful week!

Watch the videos "Good Things to Share" and "He Lives."  They're great!

HE LIVES -Testimonies

HE LIVES - Easter Celebration

 Love from Sister Baker

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hard to Believe.... 5 Months Already!!!

Hello family and friends,

So today marks five months since I left on a plane to serve the Lord. Wow what a time it has been.  I have learned so much and it feels like I've actually been here for way longer, but also way shorter...

I really don't have a lot of time today (always excuses, I know....sorry!), but I have had a really awesome week! Last week we played board games for P day (a preparation day).  Haven't done that in a while.  Apples to Apples (game) had some interestingly spiritual answers. Haha!

On Wednesday we went to a lesson with the French Elders (who were on splits) so poor Elder Chacon taught the whole thing by himself, really, although I was pleased that I could comprehend much of what was said... enough to occasionally respond in English.

We've been going on splits (when missionary companionships exchange companions for the day with another companionship) still a lot this week.  We've met with many of Londonderry's investigators with the one sister who isn't sick. Hopefully the doctor's appointment today goes well and we get some answers.

Some RM's (Return Missionaries) couldn't find the place we were meeting at for a lesson. This McDonald's napkin apologized to us.  Haha!  #rmswithnocellphones

We had an idea to do a mini mission (very similar to the kind back home) and just got permission to go ahead with it on the same day that an investigator plans to be baptized! So Feb. 6th will be a busy day indeed! So excited for big things though!

Church was awesome on Sunday. We had ward conference and we all learned so so much! Something that the stake president said that really stuck was that although perfection is our long term goal, for now it is just progress and progression is awesome, no matter how slow it may be!

Another great insight was that although the sacrament prayers need to be said perfectly, there is no limit on how many tries one gets to say it correctly. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the same way. We have endless amounts of chances in mortality to repent, if we choose to use them. I love Kingsway so much! It'll be tough to leave!

There was also a YSA (Young Single Adults 18-30) broadcast that we were privileged enough to go see.  President Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve had some awesome insights on things that we can do to become better "millennials" including learning who we are, expecting and preparing to accomplish the impossible, learning how to access the powers of Heaven, and following the prophets. It was an
awesome address and helped me to become more spiritually focused. If you get the chance to watch it... watch it!


 I hope everyone is doing well back home! I love you all so much!

Thanks for all your love in return!

Sister Baker

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Finger Painting and the Best Tool We Have

Hello friends and family!

What an amazingly spiritually packed week!

We have a Sister in the apartment who's been sick for a few weeks, so we've been switching off a lot to help them do work too.  We have been busy helping to cover two areas!  But it's been so good! I've seen so many miracles and blessings.  The gospel truly changes hearts and lives. :)

We've been talking to people a lot about the Book of Mormon lately and it's really a tool that we all have right in front of us that we take advantage of a lot!  Elder Holland's testimony of the Book of
Mormon is such an inspiring video and it really has helped me to gain a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the gospel.  Now I want to share that with everyone that I meet!

Something that I was struggling with was talking to people about the gospel.   You'd think that the name tag would make it easier, but sometimes it's much harder.  I'm afraid to offend others or push them.  Something that I've learned though, is that inviting people really isn't scary.  People have their agency to decline, but if we don't talk to them about spiritual matters, then who will?  So I've really been pushing myself to have gospel conversations right away (not just small talk) because opening your mouth is easy, but what you talk about is important too. :)

On Sunday, we had an amazing Fast Sunday.  I always love fasting on my mission because as I sincerely fast and pray for specific things or questions, I receive very tangible, real answers.  This Fast Sunday was no different.  As a stake, we were asked to fast specifically for missionary work. That wasn't hard to do, but I found myself fasting for one investigator in particular and that same Sunday she expressed to us an interest in being baptized.  How cool is that!?!  She told us that she couldn't see herself raising a family anywhere else and that is totally true for me too.  I love the standards and morals that the gospel encompasses. :)

Anyways, we finger painted for FHE.  What a blast!  Sister Gambler and I may have had too much fun!

I ran into a friend from Toronto who was visiting Edmonton, Terence, and got to hear more about what's happening back home.  So that was nice!

We had the wonderful opportunity of going to the temple this morning.  That was really exciting!  I love the temple and everything it stands for so much!  What a beautiful week it has been so far!  I can't wait for more good things to come!

Oh yes!... I finally got a few packages that you all have been telling me about.  Thank you so much! I love all your Christmas love so much!

Have a wonderful week!  I love you all so much!

Sister Baker

PS. Two cool videos I saw, Legacy and Labour of Love.  Check them out!  They are so cheesy(dated) but awesome! Haha!