Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pony Love and Ice Hearts

Hello friends and family!

Thank you so much for always putting up with my meager little emails!

This week has been a blast! We went on another adventure at Cold Lake provincial park. We saw lots of ice fishers and there were so many woodpeckers out. We had a blast... and took more pictures.

We taught a lesson in the middle of a high class clothing store, so that was a little different, but interesting. The Plan of Salvation can help anyone. Who doesn't want to know where they came from, where they're going, and what it takes to get there? It's a message everyone deserves to hear.

We taught the little seminary class here in Cold Lake and I got to know some of the youth. That was fun. We talked about how sometimes we seek to please others before God. It just doesn't work in the end. Then we volunteered at a second hand store where everything is two dollars.  It's dangerous! I like clothes too much! But we had fun. All the funds go to a women's safe house so that's really neat. :)

I met a couple who write, direcs and act. They made me miss acting.  They're a young couple and they've travelled everywhere.  They're so loud and lovey and I love them. His family lives in Ontario, actually. It's funny how small the world can be.

We got to see ponies on Friday. I was excited! They're so cute!

On Saturday We went to a winterfest and we made ice hearts inside an igloo. #canadianeh  It was such a fun family thing with a free bbq and an ice slide and a campfire and such. It was so cool! There was even pony rides! Too bad. I'm too big to ride! Haha!

On Sunday we had ward conference and the stake came to visit. We had a big potluck and boy do people know how to cook here! I've probably gained so much weight. Ahaha! In church we learned about how virtue is a power. Christ used this power in his own ministry, in the story of the woman with an issue of blood.  He knew someone touched him because virtue went out of him. Check out the bible video of that experience. :) Virtue is a power that can flow in and out of us. Virtue is also the spirit of life. No wonder it's so closely tied to chastity. Cool thought of the day I guess. :)

Jesus Heals a Woman of Faith

I just love the church! I love the organization and love that is felt in our worldwide community. I finished reading the Book of Mormon for the second time since being out and I grow to love the stories more and more each time I read them! My testimony has grown so much in these short 6 months. It's incredible! I hope to continue to improve and progress for the rest of my mission. :) I can't wait to start the BOM again. So much power comes from it. Near the end there's a verse in Moroni that says "perfect love casteth out all fear." What an awesome promise. I hope each of you can realize Christ's perfect love for you and strive to love each other a little more each day. The article "You Know Enough" from the 2008 general conference has been a great source of strength for me as a missionary. I don't need to know everything. I just need a testimony of its truthfulness.


I love you each.  Have a wonderful week.

Sister Baker

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