Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kitty Troubles and Blizzards That Just Won't End!

Kumusta friends and family!

Wow what a long, fun week! First off, we did not get to herd sheep... I know, it's sad.  :(

Last p-day (preparation day - like a day off to get personal stuff done), we treated ourselves to blizzards. Then it proceeded to blizzard... Just our luck! And it continued to blizzard until, oh yeah... now! It hasn't stuck too much, but the snow just won't go away! So that's been an adventure!

On Wednesday, we taught seminary and went to the food bank like usual. That's always fun. Y'all know I LOVE community service! That being said, is now up and running it's to be used as a missionary resource as well and it's like kijiji for community service. :) We are to have 10 hours of community service now as opposed to the 4 from before. I'm excited!

On Thursday, we trekked out to Edmonton. The roads were quite bad that day! It's a nice 3 hour drive. Throw some slow semis in and it's an adventure too! We had a really great zone training meeting, helping us to become better teachers. We talked about asking inspired questions, and using the scriptures. Two things that I've really been trying to work on! We also talked about how the small things matter, like smiling more. :) We also talked about how we need to listen to the Spirit and then speak, not just saying the first thing that comes to mind... also a struggle I have! Haha!  It was really good! Then we got our mail... finally! We never seem to get any out here in the boonies.

On Saturday, we had a cottage meeting and invited a whole bunch of investigators and only one came! But it was so good! The 4 members there taught most of our Easter message. They used all of the things from ZTM (zone training meeting) that I was trying to improve on myself, so that was really awesome to witness! We ate some good food there too! We were late to dinner that day. Because there was a kitten in our apartment!

...Well, it was in the lobby. It was real scrawny and mangy. We tried to let it out, but it did not know what to do. So I scooped it up with one hand and brought it back in. It was satisfied until sister To tried to take pictures. They it turned out pretty humorous. Sister To took pictures instead of helping. :P We got the cat to the humane society and order was once again returned to our lives.

On Sunday, we went to a member from Chile's house and had completes (hot dogs). They had Chilean mustard and everything, sided with home made fries. They were soooo good!

We get to teach seminary twice this week since the teachers out of town, so that's fun. We also find out what's happening with transfers on Monday. Sister To will probably be leaving. This was her first area and she's been here for 6 months. I just did the same thing, so I know it can be hard to leave!

We met so many new people who are so prepared to hear the gospel and we had a really good Plan of Salvation lesson last night too. We have lots of new appointments this week so we will be stressing Easter and the Atonement a lot. This season is so perfect for sharing the gospel. Try to share the new Easter video with someone this week!

Love you all lots!

Sister Baker

I guess I should explain this one.... we got a new toilet.  Yeah! Such a seemingly small yet happy pleasure!  Haha!

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