Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April Fools With a New Companion

Hello friends and family!

Wow what a crazy week! I had to say goodbye to Sister To on Wednesday, which was really sad! I am going to miss her a lot but she'll make such a difference in St. Albert too!

My new companion is sister Christensen! She is a powerhouse! She is so bold and talks to everyone! She came out with Sister To, so that's cool too! We're both excited for a busy transfer! Sister Christensen is 22, from Soda Springs, Idaho and a business graduate from LDSBC (LDS Business College), and a twin! She has another set of twins in her family too, so that's pretty cool! We got to know each other lots on the three hour drive back to Cherry Grove.

We've been sooo busy the past few weeks, and this week has no different. We've had a bunch of lessons and sooo may service opportunities! On Thursday, we were given a ton of really expensive
designer clothes from an investigator who owns her own store! She told us to go through them ourselves and then donate the rest when we volunteered at No Orbiting Trends, so that was pretty sweet!

On Friday, we collected a ton of info for a bunch of service opportunities and for a place to hold English classes, so hopefully we get responses soon! It was also April Fools this week, so I half-heartedly attempted a prank by smearing ketchup all over my hand while she was in the shower. When she got out I yelled "Oooowww!" and said I think I got a paper cut, opening my hand to reveal a bunch of red. She seemed pretty concerned and I had her for a second, but ketchup stinks and I was laughing way too hard!

On Saturday, we got to watch General Conference! It's so nice to hear the prophets and apostles speaking to us directly, the words that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ would want to tell us! I went to conference with 5 questions and most of them were answered! It's amazing how the Spirit tells us exactly how we can improve our lives. I hope you all had a chance to watch the conference! I think this was the day it was 20 degrees! It was beautiful!

Yesterday, we volunteered everywhere! We went to the family centre where we were invited to a volunteer night, and then the Humane Society where we got to see Kiki (which is what they named the cat we brought in a few weeks ago!).

We've been working with an older man who used to be in the army and studied a ton of subjects. He's been coming out to church lately and he knows most of the members.   He even came to General Conference! He has such great questions and I always love lessons with him! The member we brought to help with his lesson said something so great! She said that aging is like a toilet paper roll; the closer we get to the end, the faster it goes! It was funny!

Well that's about it for our week! Right now it is not 20 degrees... it is snowing, and the snow is sticking! :( We'll get spring one day I'm sure! But for now, I hope the weather's nicer wherever you are!

Have a good week! Love you all!

Sister Baker ❤️

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