Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pushing Against Rocks and House Hunting

Hello family and friends!

You guys look like you're having a blast and a half! I miss you all like crazy! It's cooling down a bit here! My companion, Sister Bahtishi, is from Arizona. She's been wearing what I constitute as a winter jacket for weeks already! ...I'm still in t-shirts. Haha!


These week we've been traveling to surrounding cities a lot! We've been Halloween house hunting along the way! We love seeing all of the decorations! We've been meeting with less active members a lot lately and trying to emphasize the importance of home and visiting teaching! If you have an assignment... do it! And be sincere about it! Watch the new Mormon message, "Reaching Out With Love" I think it's my new favourite! But the point is to try harder and keep going.

"Latter-Day Saints Keep on Trying" was a general conference talk a little while back and it totally applies to reaching out to those around us! Someone spoke about it on Sunday at church and they gave a story about a man who encountered a rock on his path, when he inquired of the Lord what to do, he was told to push with all his might! He pushed and pushed everyday for years and the rock never budged. The man fell to his knees in agony and confusion and asked God what the point of pushing was when the boulder never moved! Heavenly Father told him that he was never asked to move the boulder, only to push against it. He told the man that now he was strong. He had muscles and he was prepared for future obstacles! I love this story! I can think of so many times when I've pushed and not recognized the outward results, but the results were really personal, preparing me for future things to come!


 I also had the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting this past Sunday! My first talk on the mission! It was based off of an article from the 2005 General Conference from Elder Bednar entitled "Becoming a Missionary". How ironic, haha! But.... we should all be working to become a better missionary. It is an obligation, it is what the Saviour expects!


I'm excited for Halloween! We carved pumpkins in FHE and it was a blast!

 That's about all I have for the week! Love and miss you all!

 Sister Baker

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ready For a Change?

Hello friends and family!

Well this past week was so full of meetings and such! On Tuesday we played football for p-day (preparation day) and I got a touchdown... Just saying. Haha! Anyways, Wednesday we had a zone conference where we switched zones. It was different, with so many people I haven't met. They talked about some awesome things and gave some great insights on how to be more effective as a missionary. We were encouraged to find some things to "put on the alter of sacrifice" or give up. Some of my things I need to give up are being judgmental, not being Rudy on time, and using the words "shut up" and "suck". What are some things that you can give up to become more obedient and Christ like?

Then I went on exchanges (where missionaries change their companions for a day or two to work in other areas) and left my area for the first time! It felt so weird to be in a family ward!  There were older people and kids and you have to teach them all! It takes a lot of patience, that's for sure! I had a blast with sister Rush though. We all live together anyways so I don't really need to worry about not seeing her much. Ahaha! ...but it was an awesome 24 hours with her.

We have been getting busy! There are a lot of less active members that we've been reaching out too. Parents are always trying to get their kids back on track with us, it's so nice to see their love and concern, that they really care about their kids.

We had a YSA (Young Single Adult group 18 - 30 yrs group) meeting yesterday with all the other YSA missionaries. This age is such a crucial decision making time in everyone's life so it's cool to be a part of it.

I'm giving a talk in church next week, so that's crazy! Anddd ....hmm what else... Ooo! We've been getting more meals, so that's appreciated! We ran out of money on our allotment cards for the month already so it's been nice! The ward is so awesome at being involved! Don't forget to invite people you know! You are the biggest source of investigators! Talk to everyone and invite people to meet with the missionaries! You never know who's ready for change!

Love you all!

Sorry I don't have pictures this week!

Sister Baker

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gratitude For Dinosaurs

Hello Friends and family!
I've already been emailing for a while so I'll keep it brief!
This past week we said good bye to some amazing Elders! Elder Song went back to Vancouver and Elder Nemeth went to Manchester, England... I don't have the pictures from his goodbye.

Then we had a district meeting in a new district! BAH, Sister Neal and I have been in the same district since the MTC! But now we have Mandarin Elders in our district. Elder Nemeth's companion got ANOTHER Brit ahaha so 100% of his companions are British. That day we also met a new investigator... Yes, he is a dinosaur... everyone needs the Gospel.  Haha!

Sunday Night we went to Bishop's and a bunch of his wife's family was over! It was crazy but great! So we did get turkey dinner! Yum! Yum! We then challenged them to write a thank you card for someone they appreciated and gave them the materials to do it! It was so sweet!
I challenge you to write a thank you note to someone you appreciate this week!

On Thanksgiving we had a gratitude booth set up on a busy intersection downtown with a bunch of the Elders... We had someone playing the piano and we gave out free hot chocolate, and a few Books of Mormon! It was soo successful! We'll do it again for sure! That night our house went out for dinner at Red Robins... good burgers and endless yam fries.  What more could you want?!

Well my time is just about up for this week!
Have a  fantastic week!

Love you all!
Sister Baker

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Silly String and An Inheritance

Hello friends and family!
How amazing was General Conference?! The new apostles have given some great talks in the past like, "Your Four Minutes." Make sure you look some of them up! 
Some of the missionaries in our zone are leaving tomorrow so I don't have much time to write today.
The Castle Downs Elders put peanut butter on our car door handles so we decorated their car with pink steamers and eyelashes. Then we silly stringed them after a lesson last night. Who says that missionaries can't have fun? Hahaha.

We were supposed to teach English class with the Londonderry Sisters since the language Elders all went to the priesthood session of General Conference, but then no one showed up. They must have known we were teaching! Haha.
So yesterday was transfer calls. Since I'm still training, I'm staying for at least another transfer (6 weeks) with Sister Bahtishi but the Elders in our ward are both leaving... And no new ones are coming to the area. Sooo, Sister Bahtishi and I will inherit all their work, investigators and such. We are going to be very busy! 
Sorry I don't have much time this week but I love you all and hope you watch General Conference! 
Love always,
Sister Baker.