Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Llamas in Bonnyville ... or Is That Narnia?

Hello friends and family!

Man what a crazy week! A whole lot of driving!

 I'll start at the beginning, so last p-day we went on an adventure, we took some pictures and walked down this little Narnia path, it was great!

Then on Wednesday we drove down the Edmonton temple, three hours away! When we got there we were able to go and do a session at the temple. It seriously brings such peace and serenity and everything else. I love the temple and everything it stands for. It helped me to just relax and breathe and feel renewed for this week. Then we got to stay in the mission home for the night with the president and his wife. We had interviews and honestly President Manion and his wife are so amazing! I can talk to him about anything. He is such an incredible person. They've really helped me a lot! The next morning we got to go on a run since the weather was so much nicer in the city! It was so energizing. I haven't been on a run in a long time! Then we had a really great zone conference that day. We talked about how important church is and how to help those we are teaching realize that! We talked about studying effectively and how it'll help prepare us from any other things we do in this life. We took zone pictures but I don't have any yet.

We volunteered at a church on Friday and helped serve a community dinner they had there.  That was really fun! Hmmm... At church on Sunday, a lot of people we're teaching came and that was really neat! People really just need invitations and to feel welcome and they will come. In sacrament, one of the brethren was talking and he said "Never be impulsive or angry when attempting to talk to Heavenly Father" which really reminded me of a video called the will of God. Heavenly Father truly does know what's best for us. We need to be willing to listen to Him and go through trials to help us grow.

The Will of God

Then during studies, we played something called object principles, a game where we name an object and then try to tie it back to the gospel. So we came up with one for a pen. You can give the same pen to a million people and get a million different penmanships. You can give the same gospel to a million people and get a million different testimonies. It's all relative, I love it!

Monday was fun! We met with some older folks and I learned a lot about the families up here, most of them are related. It's just complicated to find out how.  Haha! But we went to this one couple's farm and they had lots of cool instruments and animals! They had a didgeridoo and a music box, which was really cool. And then they had Charlie... We got to feed Charlie a carrot! Charlie the chocolate llama. He's funny! Then we had a lesson in Bonnyville (it's multi-natural... Hahaha!) with a sweet couple. She's Filipino. I have come to love and appreciate different cultures so much out here! It's awesome!

That's about it for my week...

Thanks for all the love!

Love always,

Sister Baker

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