Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Rounds and Archaeology Digs

Wow... Christmas was just this past week?! How did that happen? Haha!

But we really did have a wonderful Christmas! Lots of love and hospitality from the ward I'm in! On Christmas Eve we had a combined district meeting where we watched the Nativity, ate cookies, drank milk, and did some role plays on following up with members. It was a blast!

Then we had lunch with another set of sisters and a couple in charge of the housing for the mission.

Also on Christmas Eve we took homemade cookies and (not homemade) candy canes around caroling.  We stopped by a Mandarin investigator and a Tagalog investigator! It was so sweet! We got to learn about Filipino Christmas traditions that they celebrate on Christmas Eve, cut the pig and open gifts at midnight! They karaoked beforehand! It looked like a blast!

We pushed all of our mattresses to the living room on Christmas Eve and read a Christmas Eve story found in Helaman in the Book of Mormon. We opened matching Canada sweaters and I changed out of my onesie to wear it! Haha!

It was a wonderful Christmas Day as well. Sister Lytle made us all German pancakes (which were very delicious) and then we sang carols, read Luke 2, and opened gifts!

I am so grateful that we were able to celebrate Christmas so close to the Saviour! The best gift though, was a call that we got on Christmas Eve, that a member's little sister had a friend who wanted to be baptized and her mom agreed! She is 10, around the same age I was when I was baptized! What a sweet miracle!  We were all so excited and since there was no YSA ward on Sunday we got to meet little Erica on Sunday at her homeward (we attended two). 

On Christmas Eve we also had dinner at a sweet family's home where they gave us tons of sweets and a stocking full of treats! One treat was an archeologist egg where I got to chisel out a little glow in the dark dinosaur! Haha! How fun! It took me a long time!

On Christmas Day we went to an extended care building and visited with some members who reside there. It was so sweet to hear their stories, or in one case just sit with them.

Then we went to a crazy fun family's house for Christmas dinner and got to spend it with a different set of sisters as well!

On Boxing Day we got a homemade Chinese buffet with yet another set of sisters, so we've had our share of shared meals! Haha!

It's been so nice to see so many people for Christmas and it was so nice to get to Skype home and see the no snow! Haha! .... although I did enjoy the white Christmas!

I hope that everyone will continue to think of Christ and all that He's given us.  I wish you all an exciting New Year!

Love from Edmonton,

Sister Baker

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