Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Finger Painting and the Best Tool We Have

Hello friends and family!

What an amazingly spiritually packed week!

We have a Sister in the apartment who's been sick for a few weeks, so we've been switching off a lot to help them do work too.  We have been busy helping to cover two areas!  But it's been so good! I've seen so many miracles and blessings.  The gospel truly changes hearts and lives. :)

We've been talking to people a lot about the Book of Mormon lately and it's really a tool that we all have right in front of us that we take advantage of a lot!  Elder Holland's testimony of the Book of
Mormon is such an inspiring video and it really has helped me to gain a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the gospel.  Now I want to share that with everyone that I meet!

Something that I was struggling with was talking to people about the gospel.   You'd think that the name tag would make it easier, but sometimes it's much harder.  I'm afraid to offend others or push them.  Something that I've learned though, is that inviting people really isn't scary.  People have their agency to decline, but if we don't talk to them about spiritual matters, then who will?  So I've really been pushing myself to have gospel conversations right away (not just small talk) because opening your mouth is easy, but what you talk about is important too. :)

On Sunday, we had an amazing Fast Sunday.  I always love fasting on my mission because as I sincerely fast and pray for specific things or questions, I receive very tangible, real answers.  This Fast Sunday was no different.  As a stake, we were asked to fast specifically for missionary work. That wasn't hard to do, but I found myself fasting for one investigator in particular and that same Sunday she expressed to us an interest in being baptized.  How cool is that!?!  She told us that she couldn't see herself raising a family anywhere else and that is totally true for me too.  I love the standards and morals that the gospel encompasses. :)

Anyways, we finger painted for FHE.  What a blast!  Sister Gambler and I may have had too much fun!

I ran into a friend from Toronto who was visiting Edmonton, Terence, and got to hear more about what's happening back home.  So that was nice!

We had the wonderful opportunity of going to the temple this morning.  That was really exciting!  I love the temple and everything it stands for so much!  What a beautiful week it has been so far!  I can't wait for more good things to come!

Oh yes!... I finally got a few packages that you all have been telling me about.  Thank you so much! I love all your Christmas love so much!

Have a wonderful week!  I love you all so much!

Sister Baker

PS. Two cool videos I saw, Legacy and Labour of Love.  Check them out!  They are so cheesy(dated) but awesome! Haha!

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