Thursday, December 10, 2015

My "Greenie Read" and the Languages of Music

Hello friends and family!

Well this week has been good as always, just a few notable things, I suppose!

First of all, I'm starting the Book of Mormon again. My first day in Edmonton, we were given a paper back version and asked to read it highlighting the name "Jesus Christ" and all other forms of His name. This is known as your "Greenie Read". I finished mine late October and have been lacking the amazing power that comes from reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover. My "Greenie Read" was my first time I ever read the full book cover to cover and I did it in under 2 months! It was so great! The scriptures really spoke to me and I was able to understand them like never before! This time around, I am using a formal marking system, based on the missionary purpose, or Christ's doctrine. Essentially, I have a colour for each subject: faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. I hope that I may learn more scriptures for those I teach by reading it like this! The scriptures are so powerful and have such clear meaning and purpose.

The next thing that's been taking up much of my time is a musical number that me and my trainee are performing for the missionary Christmas conference next week! Don't worry, we aren't doing it alone!  The Spanish/French missionaries and two sets of Tagalog missionaries are joining us!  We are singing Joy to the World in all 4 languages, so I'm learning so many things!  It's pretty cool though, because we say a kneeling prayer before and after we practice and people, especially young ones, don't generally rely on God so heavily for such small things! I love those who I get to serve beside. I love those who I get to teach and serve, and I love those in leadership who teach and serve me.  Also, I love each of you back home for your support and encouragement! 

Have a great week and remember to serve others! Our actions shape our character. And Christ's character was the ultimate example! Just read the New Testament for proof!

Sister Baker

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