Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Singing and Rotten Hot Chocolate

Hello Friends and family! 

I seem to have waited to long to write you all and now I am running out of time! 

Well this week has been full of Christmas miracles, and I absolutely love that! We helped someone to move... well continued to help... on Wednesday and Thursday.  We love, love, LOVE serving those around us! We had so much work on our hands but with the help of many other missionaries, we were able to get everything accomplished that we needed to! Late Thursday, we ran around a bus station/strip mall and gave out free hot chocolate and cookies that we made, plus invitations to the stake Christmas musical that happened on Thursday, We did the same thing on Saturday as well, and it was cold, but we were able to talk to so many people and invite them to the concert.  As for the concert, it was such a success, so many people showed up and the acts were all so great, I particularly loved when the children sang, Christmas Island! it was so cute! The Mandarin Elders had an investigator sing in the choir.  She has decided to get baptized in January so that's super exciting! 

On Thursday we traveled down to the mission home for a follow up training meeting, I learned a lot about teaching and sharing responsibilities, I really appreciated the extra training! 

Our mission Christmas conference is this Thursday, so that;s exciting!  We will be singing our " Joy to the World' medley then, which has really started to come together, by the way! 

We learned this week that you can't leave hot chocolate coolers on the counter for two days... it goes bad fast! Like milk!  And it smells,,,, so bad! We sent some Elders out to clean it for us! What big, strong, men! Hahaha! 

We had incredible talks in sacrament Sunday about how prayer is the starting point for everyone, then one was on holding grudges in the family, which was very touching. That night we met with a former investigator and cleared up some misconceptions and now he's interested in attending church. W e are getting him a Swahili Book of Mormon as well!  I love learning about new cultures and languages.  It's so incredibly fascinating! 

We lent out our bread pans the other week and when we asked for them back, one set of Elders returned it with banana bread in the pan! It was such a sweet gesture and it's made for some pretty delicious breakfast! 

We taught a lesson in a game format last week about the Brother of Jared, and then this week we taught the Plan of Salvation with cut outs. An article we've been sharing a lot lately is titled "Upon the Top of the Waters' from the October 2014 Ensign. Lots of people have been faced with trials and adversity as of late and this article has really helped! Calm seas don't carry barges to the promised land. Stormy ones do. It has really taught me to turn to God and to let Him guide me when I'm in rough spots. 

I love serving the people of Edmonton so much! 

I'm sorry that my post is so sporadic today! 

Love you all so much,

Sister Baker 

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