Wednesday, November 25, 2015

No Longer a Teenager!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.... I am not a teenager anymore! 


So for my twentieth birthday today, I believe we are making cookie castles and snowmen.... I promise I'm not two!

Anyways, lots of exciting things happening this week! I got my "daughter "(Daughter is a nickname the sister missionaries give to someone straight out from the MTC - Missionary Training Centre) on Wednesday, which is weird.  I just finished being trained and now I'm training! Anyways, her name is Sister Gambler and she is also from Arizona, off the Navajo reservation near Flagstaff and she is a boss! I love her so much already. She is an incredible example of perseverance and patience to me!  It's incredible!  Watching her learn and grow really helps me to learn and grow!

We were talking about loving people and I was telling her that you really get attached to those you teach and your capacity to love increases so much. Then a few days later we just had a lesson after another where the Spirit was so incredibly strong and the members were telling us it was a message that they really needed. She even told a family that she loved them just by talking to them once and that she's never said that to a stranger before. I love how in the Gospel, in Heavenly Father's eyes, no one is a stranger.  We are all capable of incredible things and our divine nature and potential is incomparable!

We've been talking to a lot of people about courage lately; about Esther and women power, I suppose. But there's an article called "Living the Gospel Joyful" that I'd love everyone to read! The last section is by far my favourite... You are loved, no matter what!

Saturday, we were given the opportunity to work at a ranch wrapping presents for underprivileged children.  It was so much fun! This Saturday, we'll be there again to help with the Christmas party where they are fitting kids for winter accessories, giving out the presents, sharing food, and having a petting zoo!  I am so excited!

Well, the snow came and it looks like it's here to stay... just in time for my birthday, as per usual! The roads out here get pretty slippery and no one's cleared them yet, so that's fun and exciting!  It's so pretty though! I didn't realize that I missed the snow!

That's just about all I have for this week, unfortunately. Hope you all have an awesome week and stay warm!

Love you lots,

Sister Jessica Baker

Me and Sister Gambler, my new "daughter".

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