Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I'm Going to Be a Mom!

Hello friends and family!

I am going to be a mom!


See, transfer calls were Monday and I was asked to train a brand new sister straight from the MTC starting tomorrow! (Being called a "mom" means you are training a new Sister straight from the MTC - Missionary Training Centre) I don't even know her name yet! It's super crazy because I am just finishing my training myself! I am so excited for this opportunity though! I am in an incredible ward and I am going to have a blast!

It'll be sad to see Sister Bahtishi go but she's not going far. In fact, she'll still be in my stake and zone! Being out here is such an incredible experience that I don't even have the words to describe!

That's the most exciting news I have for the week I guess!

We went to a really amazing Remembrance day assembly on the university of Alberta campus! Then we got a bit lost trying to find our way back to the LRT station haha! But it was a ton of fun!

Lots of love,

Sister Baker

Group Selfies!

Christmas is coming a little bit early to the apartment!

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  1. Im glad you are not going to be a "real" Mom!!! LOL
    Aunt T