Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Muddy Cars, Giant Mushrooms and Office Chairs

Wow! What an incredible week! We did sooo much!

First off, on Tuesday we got a car wash! And then we nearly got stuck in the mud at an investigator's house! It was insane! But we made it out although we and the car were all muddy! It was a bit of a wasted car wash!

On Wednesday we volunteered at the food bank and then ate dinner at the Hatch's. It was a blast! Jamie made banana cake for an Elder that we saw in Edmonton the next day and he packed us an entire lunch for Edmonton. It was nothing short of a feast! He's a blast and we really want to help him and his family work towards the temple someday soon!

On Thursday we woke up super early to go to Edmonton for a meeting! We took the scenic route through a wildlife reserve and we saw tons of wild bison, and some geese. Nothing too extraordinary though. We had a great meeting where the mission president stood right beside me and my companion during a role play.   It was a tad hard to focus on the role play... but he's awesome and he role played with us afterward while everyone else resumed the meeting. We learned about relating scriptures to people as soon as you see them. Then we had exchanges, where you switch companions for 24 hours, although ours consists mostly of driving a lot!

On Friday we saw some miracles! So Sister Bramwell came to Cherry Grove with me and we went and volunteered at a big volunteer appreciation event. We got to do floral arrangements and a young girl helped us by running them to tables. Then we switched back in little Vilna, where the worlds largest mushrooms are, see pictures.... and then we went back to volunteer for the actual event. While we were there, an usher came and told us there were two young girls outside who wanted to talk to us! When we went out we discovered that one was that girl who had helped us earlier with the flowers! And they invited us to go to Bullerama with them the next night! It was so cool! The Spirit definitely prompted her to come back and talk to us again!

Saturday was insane! Jamie's wife got baptized! She has been investigating for 8 years on and off! Sooo many missionaries have been a part of her conversion and we got to be part of her baptism! It was SUCH a privilege! I was super sick in the morning... well all that day, with a nasty cold, but somehow I managed to give a decent talk at her baptism! Her whole family was able to come and it was awesome! Then we helped someone out with yard work. The weather has finally started to warm up and it's beautiful! Then we went to the rodeo with those two girls and we had a blast! There are some crazy videos, but the bulls mostly won. We're having dinner with those girls again tonight!

On Sunday there was a really great speaker who said some pretty awesome things! He said "If you drift away, it's not because Heavenly Father forgets who you are, but because you forget who you are."  He also said "Learn to solve problems yourself, but not necessarily on your own,"  and he told us that "We can disagree, but don't be disagreeable,"  "Be humbly righteous" and "Obedience is not an option." He just had so many awesome one liners. He's a convert and his son is heading out to his mission soon. Plus he straight up complimented us in the middle of his talk! It was sweet! Delaney also got confirmed this day so that was pretty sweet! The Holy Ghost is so cool!

Yesterday, Monday, we helped out with more yard work and had dinner with the Relief Society president. Working with the auxiliaries is so essential! They are the ones staying in this ward for a long time, not us! We also hauled a chair up our three flights of stairs, but yay to a not broken study chair! Well, that's about it for my week!

I hope that you all have a great week and that you guys tell me how your life has been! Miss you all!

Something I studied this week was Elder Holland's final talk from conference... so remember tomorrow what you learned today!

Love from,

Sister Baker 

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