Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Push Ups For Donuts and Cake Pops

Well this week we have seen Delaney a lot! She is the one preparing for baptism and we're trying to support her as much as possible. The adversary can make things hard on those who are sincerely trying to be better.... We saw her a lot this week!

Wednesday is always a lot of volunteering. We went to the food bank and they all know us there now. One man even expressed more interest in talking to us about the church! Then we helped a couple peel wallpaper. That took a while!

On Thursday we had a district meeting where we talked a lot about the way we present our message. That subject is always fun. We need to be excited and positive about missionary work if we want people to be interested! Then we did some service at a farm where we built a barbed wire gate with the elders while they were out here. The less active members we were with decided to motivate us by throwing horse poop at us. It was all fun and games though! Then we went back to the church for Delaney's baptismal interview... which she passed! Yay! She asked me give a talk on baptism at her baptism, so that's an incredible privilege! In ward council we talked about less active members who need more support from the ward. It was great to see them all so excited to help these families. Hopefully they can accept the outreached hands. Look around and see if there's someone struggling who you can help. There's a great video I love called "Reach Out With Love" that I've probably already mentioned before.  Kind of humorous too!

MORMON MESSAGE - Reach Out With Love

On Friday we ate dinner at a couple's house. Their name was on our fridge, it said "Call when you need a dinner," so we called and they invited us over and even sent us home with leftovers! Turns out they lived in southern Alberta and always grew up around Mormons, although they aren't interested in joining themselves! They bought a little cake from the store and we were all trying to guess what it was. We think it's Mr. Potato head... let me know if you have any other ideas!  Haha!

We got a nail in our tire and had a slow leak that we had to get fixed on Saturday. So we drove out to Bonnyville and went to Kal Tire to get it replaced. We had a spare tire on there so it took us a while. We stopped at a really cute diner on the way home. They had delicious cake balls and cupcakes. It was a super cute place. I loved the jukeboxes.

Then on Saturday night we had the opportunity to go to a Filipino house warming party. The family are great missionaries so it was a really neat opportunity to talk to some less active members, non members, and advertise for our English class! They really want to help! We did get roped into karaoke though. We sang "Wannabe" from the Spice Girls which was sooo weird as a missionary. And then "Jesus Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood. We listen to that one all the time so that was fun!

On Sunday we ate redneck tacos which were super delicious. Then we shared a message about tithing for all the kids and we used candy to help. That day in sacrament meeting we had some great speakers. One of them said that our greatest possession is our testimony and someone is trying to take it from us. And that is so true. We need to fit for our testimonies but it is sooo worth it! She also said that faith is knowing that there is an answer and that we'll get it in due time. They also talked about how the Lord is looking down and saying "I'll explain it later" to us every time we get stumped.

That night we put the hot water from the shower on to get some humidity in the air while my humidifier gets fixed! It made the apartment sticky and hot! It didn't stay on for very long though!

Yesterday we had a meeting on the army base where we talked to a lady about a space for English class. She really wanted to help and even offered free advertising! We're really hoping everything goes through for the English class so that we can help the community as much as possible.

Sister Christensen and I both have a pretty bad cold/ flu thing so we've been resting a lot the past two days. You don't really get a day off as a missionary but it's amazing how you're strengthened. We had a great lesson with Will, our loud army guy, who didn't even hesitate when we invited him to be baptized. So that was pretty promising. :) We had awesome dinner with a bunch of gingers! There's a family that has 5 boys and 3 are ginger. They all have the best stories and hurt themselves a lot! They're a lot of fun!

This morning we taught seminary. It was our first time with the Cherry Grove class.  Apparently they were jealous that the Cold Lake kids get us once a week! I guess you could say we're the cool missionaries. ;) Then we ate lunch with some members. It was good!

Well, lots of early mornings this week... wish us luck! At least it's warming up!

Something I've loved this week is a story called "Push-ups for donuts." It's such a powerful lesson. I invite you all to read it!

 Have a great week,

Love always,

Sister Baker

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