Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I've Grown So Much Here - 6 Months Out!

I'm rounding down to the end of my time as a trainer, and near the end of my time here in Kingsway YSA ward.  I've been here my entire mission, nearly 6 months now!  I've learned to love everyone I serve around and I wouldn't trade my time here for the world! 

This week is bound to be a busy one... the mini mission and "Why I Believe" fireside are both this weekend! Hopefully we have a good turn out!  They asked me to speak at the fireside, so that'll be a nice way to end my service in the ward.  Transfer calls are next Monday.  That's when I'll most likely be moving to a different area and leaving my little trainee. :(  It'll be tough to go... really tough, like probably as hard as leaving home was or harder!  
I've come to love these people so much as I taught and served them!  We have a baptism this Saturday night too though, with someone I've been working with for the entire past 6 months I've been here! Watching people grow closer to Christ is an amazingly spiritual experience.  I've learned so much just by testifying to others about what I know is true.

At the food bank this week, they taught me how to use the lift to transport pallets.  I didn't break anything or kill anyone, so I'd call it a success! :)  We had La Poutine and Mucho Burrito all in one day this week, so I guess I'm basically on an international mission... Haha!
Well, that's about all I have for the week.  Thanks so much once again for all your love and support! Next week I'll tell you where I'm going next! :)
There are so many amazing articles in this month's Ensign.  Some favourites are, "What Can the Book of Mormon Teach Us About Happiness," "The New Testament's Message of Repentance" and "True Greatness" ...oh! and "When Others Prayed for Me" Praying for people earnestly and by name blesses them and us as we learn to be selfless and loving to everyone around us.
Love always!
Sister Baker

I've grown up so much here!  Haha!

Some of the winter landscape here...

Why yes, that is a giant baseball bat!

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