Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hard to Believe.... 5 Months Already!!!

Hello family and friends,

So today marks five months since I left on a plane to serve the Lord. Wow what a time it has been.  I have learned so much and it feels like I've actually been here for way longer, but also way shorter...

I really don't have a lot of time today (always excuses, I know....sorry!), but I have had a really awesome week! Last week we played board games for P day (a preparation day).  Haven't done that in a while.  Apples to Apples (game) had some interestingly spiritual answers. Haha!

On Wednesday we went to a lesson with the French Elders (who were on splits) so poor Elder Chacon taught the whole thing by himself, really, although I was pleased that I could comprehend much of what was said... enough to occasionally respond in English.

We've been going on splits (when missionary companionships exchange companions for the day with another companionship) still a lot this week.  We've met with many of Londonderry's investigators with the one sister who isn't sick. Hopefully the doctor's appointment today goes well and we get some answers.

Some RM's (Return Missionaries) couldn't find the place we were meeting at for a lesson. This McDonald's napkin apologized to us.  Haha!  #rmswithnocellphones

We had an idea to do a mini mission (very similar to the kind back home) and just got permission to go ahead with it on the same day that an investigator plans to be baptized! So Feb. 6th will be a busy day indeed! So excited for big things though!

Church was awesome on Sunday. We had ward conference and we all learned so so much! Something that the stake president said that really stuck was that although perfection is our long term goal, for now it is just progress and progression is awesome, no matter how slow it may be!

Another great insight was that although the sacrament prayers need to be said perfectly, there is no limit on how many tries one gets to say it correctly. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the same way. We have endless amounts of chances in mortality to repent, if we choose to use them. I love Kingsway so much! It'll be tough to leave!

There was also a YSA (Young Single Adults 18-30) broadcast that we were privileged enough to go see.  President Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve had some awesome insights on things that we can do to become better "millennials" including learning who we are, expecting and preparing to accomplish the impossible, learning how to access the powers of Heaven, and following the prophets. It was an
awesome address and helped me to become more spiritually focused. If you get the chance to watch it... watch it!

 I hope everyone is doing well back home! I love you all so much!

Thanks for all your love in return!

Sister Baker

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