Thursday, January 5, 2017

365 Days in 2016 As a Missionary

Wow. Hello friends and family!

As the dawn of a brand new year appears, I, like most of you, have been doing lots of reflection on my past year. I have had the incredible privilege of spending the entirety of my past year as a full time representative, literally, of Christ. What an incredible year it has been! I have learned an
incredible amount about myself, others around me and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In light of the recently passed Christmas season, I decided to take a different approach to yearly goals. Personally, I don't even set resolutions because I never stick to them! They don't motivate me
much. This year however, the video "The True Meaning of Christmas" gave me an idea. Instead of resolutions, I want to give back to Christ this year. He has given me so so much... literally His life. It is my responsibility to do what I can to help Him. So these are my gifts to Christ this year:

(EDITOR'S NOTE: this 2nd half of Sister Baker's letter got added a week latter due to technical difficulties)

Soooo uhhhhh this email is from last week, but half of it didn't send, so I'm kinda mad about that!....
Honestly, I think of more all the time! Haha! But now you can all help keep me accountable this year! I know that nothing is more motivating for me than the Saviour's Atonement. I think I can give Him my very best this year, because it will bless me too!

Well, before I tell you the logistics of my week, I wanted to mention a few things I have learned in my studies this past week! I started the Book of Mormon again not to long ago, and in the first bit there's a scripture that reads, "have ye inquired of the Lord?" (1 Nephi 15:8) A little bit of background on this scripture, Nephi's brothers, Laman and Lemuel, are lacking faith in the visions and commandments from their father, Lehi. They are unbelieving and lack the understanding necessary to interpret Lehi's vision. So Nephi, who is rooted in the gospel, and has a firm testimony of the prophet, Lehi, asks them if they have sought understanding from their Lord and God. At this point, I'm thinking a ton, and I realize that Nephi is talking to me too. I too need further enlightenment and understanding that only God can give me. I don't have all of the answers, but I know that God can guide me in every phase of my life. If I did this I would stress way less about missionary work, school, time, the future, etc. I've also been contemplating the Atonement. Jesus Christ made it possible for each of us to overcome sin and death. He has saved each one of us, yet it is up to us to personally decide if we are going to accept Him as our Saviour. We have the choice to acknowledge and thank Him for all he's done, and how thankful I am for that!

Lastly, we were discussing unity in Relief Society on Sunday and they asked us what we thought unity was. I recognized that to me, unity is the absence of contention, and as I read over some tagged scriptures, Mosiah 18:21 really agreed with me. Anyways, I love studying and learning and it's a habit I hope to keep when I'm home!

This week was a good one! We went on an exchange in Valley View and  got to hang out with Sister Brooks, who was in my district in Wainwright, so we've worked together before! People get a kick out of us two Canadians together. She actually grew up in Alberta, but lived in BC before coming out. She's super cute! Then on Thursday we had a Skype in district meeting. That was good. We had a billion doughnuts because Elder Topham and I both slipped on Christmas Eve while we were
carolling. -.- I seriously owe doughnuts every week. I'm the clutziest!

On Friday we got a lot accomplished and we set some good goals!

...I swear it's made me type the end of this email twice and didn't even send this whole last half on PDay, but you can get it now I guess!

Sister Baker

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