Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trampoline Sickness With a Side of Poutine

Hello friends and family!

I hope you've all had an awesome week!

I sure have! So dang much has happened. I'll just go day by day and give you a low down!

Tuesday was the craziest day! We had transfer calls in the morning and I was told that Sister Romney was to come to Grande Prairie with me! My speck was correct! I definitely screamed a little.  I was super excited! And Sister Priestley was told she was going to Beaumont to finish training with Sister
Fernandez (if you know Sheena Fernandez, from T.O, that's her!) So we were pleased with our final transfer calls! Then we spent a lot of our PDay at a trampoline park owned by two cute member couples and we had a blast! :)

After that, the day got pretty bad! At dinner I started feeling super sick so we left dinner and went home. Then we went to the hospital and basically, long story short, I ended up throwing up. If you know me well, that's kind of a big big deal. Throwing up is my worst fear (1) and (2), I haven't puked for over 8 years prior to that night... :( So I ended up with some weird 24, 48 hour flu and it was the worst! Moral of the story....your plans to make it through your whole mission not being sick are not God's plans to help you grow!

On Wednesday, we drove the 5 hours down to Edmonton for transfers and I just slept the whole time. That was good. Then while I was waiting for Sister Romney to get out of a meeting, I chilled with all the missionaries that were going home. I'll be in that next round... That's weird! Then we went to another Sister apartment so I could sleep before a leadership meeting Thursday morning. Then we made the forever long drive back up to Grande Prairie. It's been a super fun week though! Sister Romney is from SLC, Utah. She's such a sweet heart!

 The two of us have already had so many adventures, mostly because I'm still a lost puppy and I don't know how to get anywhere at all! We did find a poutinerie though, and that was super good. It was pretty authentic! We also have been house hunting, like, all of yesterday and today, so that's been fun! We get to find a new apartment and we've found some super cool ones! I'm excited to move into one of them!

 That's really about it for this week! It's been a blast. My new companion is great! I hope you all are doing great!

 We have a General authority, Elder Echo Hawk, coming for a mission tour and special leadership meeting on Thursday. We are all getting ready for that!

 Spiritual dose of spiritual-ness:

 2 Nephi 2:24 "But behold, all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things."

I just love this scripture. God has this great infinite wisdom that we could never understand and He knows what He's doing. There is a purpose behind His every action and it's not up to us to change Him or His actions, but to change our reactions.

Love you all! Have a good week!

Sister Jessica Baker ❤️🍁🇨🇦

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