Saturday, November 26, 2016

Happy Birthday "Deer" Companion!

Hello friends and family!

Well what a crazy week its been!

Man, apparently we decided to do all three exchanges in one week, so last week you got the first one. This week Sister Jarman and I got to go on exchanges with the STLs (Sister Training Leaders) and that was crazy! Sister Hanks and I had a nice, peaceful time in little old Wainwright, until about 7pm, when we got a frantic call from Sister Jarman and Sister Christensen informing us that we had to go get them from the side of the road because they hit a deer on their way back to meet us. Craziness! So we swiftly traveled to little tiny Viking, hoping they aren't dead or traumatized or something like that, only to find that the damage was not nearly as bad as they made it seem. It was certainly an interesting night though! Moral of the story...don't say the rearview mirror is destroyed when it's actually the side mirror! It kind of scares people. Haha!

 On Thursday, we had a bit more of a solemn day. I forgot to mention last week but on Monday while we were exchanging back, Sister Jarman told me that a member of the congregation that we had been working with had passed away on Sunday. She had MS and had lived in the auxiliary at the hospital for the past 10 years. So Thursday was her funeral. We sang "Amazing Grace" with the branch president and another brother and we helped serve the food as well. It was a really nice funeral.

 Mission tour got cancelled so we didn't drive into Edmonton or get to go to the temple, but we did get to see a few progressing investigators. Our one investigator, Michael is progressing really well towards baptism and he's quit smoking! It's super awesome!
On Friday we had district meeting because of the craziness of the mission tour cancellation. And then I went on exchanges with Sister Gambler! I got to train her last year... and this exact date was when we first met a year ago! So that was really cool! I love her so much! She's an incredible missionary! We got to do some finding together and we got to see some awesome investigators together... and yeah, it was a really fun day!

 The next day we went to two Super Saturdays, one in Wetaskiwin and one in Camrose and I'm surprised I knew so many people! Exchanges are awesome! You get to meet sooo many people! Then we exchanged back and I got to be with my actual companion for the first time in like, forever! Haha!  We had a good rest of the day and did some tracting (contacting people) in a teeny tiny hamlet place.

On Sunday, after an awesome time at church and a yummy food Sunday, we got to see a few investigators and check in on some people. Sunday night we got to do something pretty cool! We got to teach Santa Claus!!! 🎅🏼 And he gave us yummy hot chocolate and cookies! No... seriously!
Someone we are trying to teach more is a professional Santa. He went to Santa school and everything and he's world renown. He's the coolest, and he's Santa, and he's in little ol' Wainwright!

Yesterday was way fun! It was Sister Jarman's birthday! So we went out for breakfast, and may have gotten a new investigator out of the cute Filipino waitress there! So that's exciting! Then we decorated Christmas trees at the library. Man, I love doing that! That was wayyy fun! Then we had a lesson with an investigator and she made Sister Jarman a cake! Yum! After cake we went to this little cafe to help Santa decorate his Santa village in the back. That was fun! Then we got to go to the library and have an awesome lesson with our awesome investigator, Devon! He is now on date to be baptized! Sooo that's pretty sweet! Then we ate dinner with this cute part member family and they made us tacos and baklava and gave us cute gifts! :) They're so sweet! Then I got to get some school essays get looked over by a school teacher, so that was handy! It was just an awesome, event
filled day! Today should be good too!

Well, I better be leaving but stay awesome! Check out the Christmas website too! It's such a cool initiative!

 Love you all so much!

Sister Baker

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