Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dry Bones Come Alive!

Hello friends and family! 
It's crazy to think that I will only send 15 more of these emails!
This week has been super good! On Wednesday, we were casually walking down the street when we saw this guy hauling a bunch of corn stalks out of the old hotel. He looked like he was taking down the community haunted house. I love haunted houses, so I asked him if he needed help. He expressed that he needed lots of help because only one other person had been helping him take down and they needed to be out by Tuesday. So we went in and met this sweet young girl and helped her take apart the spider room! Pictures are included. It was pretty sweet! There was even a glass floor piece!  We also got to help with the body room and they had one of those wheel of torture things in there, so obviously we got on it a spun around a few times!

Then, that night, we were invited to mutual with the young women, and they would not tell us what was going on! Well, it was a cute little surprise birthday party for the two of us! Sister Jarman's birthday is the 21st and mine is the 24th of November, so that was adorable! They made "pin the tag on the sister" and we played a game that I was really good at. It's something about saying the word that the person in the middle choses, except when you get the word right you get splashed in the face with water. My face was wet. 😂 It was so cute though. The young women are awesome! I love them bundles! They gave us bouquets and little coupons too! We are excited to use them! 

On Thursday we drove into Edmonton for a ZedTM, that was way fun! When we got there and got all settled in the gym, the power in the Stake centre went out. So we grabbed all of our chairs and moved into the Relief Society room because it had more windows, and just as we got settled there, the power turned back on -.-  We stayed in the Relief Society room though! We talked about a lot of things! One is a way good quote that I'll have to remember to share next week about being motivated and dedicated. Man, I need to share that next week! Another cool thing we talked about is last impressions. We talked about how last impressions are lasting impressions and how we always need to be polite and courteous no matter how people act towards us. We are trying to leave a positive influence on everyone we meet. So that was a fun discussion. Random thing from ZedTM, the Elders had an ugly tie contest, maybe you can tell from the zone pictures! One of the departing Elders gave an awesome testimony at the end of the meeting, these are some things he said: 

There is a song, it says, 
"we call out to dry bones come alive, come alive. 
we call out to dead souls, come alive, come alive."
I know that my heart would be dead without the gospel. 
There was a long time I lived with the knowledge of the gospel, but not the conviction of it. 
You don't know how lost you are until you found. 
People don't know the capacity their heart has, it has a lot. 
His testimony was just awesome, and impacted me personally. Maybe you can get something out of that too! 
That night, before interviews with the President, we got to eat dinner with the Pattison's, the mission President and his wife and youngest son. It was neat to talk to them and get to know them a tad better! Plus they served amazing food! Then we took a long drive back home! 
On Friday, it was Remembrance Day, which, unlike back home, is a stat holiday here. So we went in the morning to the communiplex for the ceremony and we got to lay a wreath, which was pretty neat! It was awesome to see all the people in uniform, since there's an army base, Denwood, just outside of Wainwright. Afterwards, we had a few appointments, helped someone clean their garage, and did some tracting before we had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators, Michael. We were pretty bold with Michael, we've been trying to get him back on baptismal date for a while, but he had some things he needed to stop doing before he can be baptized. So in our lesson, we nag him a bit, and he admits we are right. Sister Jarman goes over to his wall, takes his colander down and tells me to write a baptismal date on it. So we literally wrote in his baptism and confirmation date before even asking him if he'd be baptized. When we gave him the calendrer back we asked him if he'd be baptized on December 10th and he accepted. Michael is smoke free 4 days today! He's one step closer to his date! It was awesome! 

On Saturday we got to meet with Devon, this sweet kid we are teaching, at the branch Presidents house! He has such an incredible testimony! We taught a bunch of the commandments in one lesson, and he readily accepted them all! He even asked when he could start paying tithing! He's a champ! Hopefully he can be baptized soon! 
On Sunday, Sister Jarman spoke on tithing and a young girl spoke on Sabbath Day observance and man, she laid it down! Devon, at the end, told us that he felt a lot of conviction to take the whole day off work, not just the morning! It was really cool! Then, we had dinner with this sweet lady who gave us delicious key lime pie! It was sooo good! Then, we drove out to exchange with the Wetaskiwin Sisters. I got to hang out with sister Nipko, Sister Jarman's trainer all day and we had a blast! She's from Utah and is super adorable! We did some service at a thrift shop, went out to a reserve and raked some leaves with the three huge German Shepards I took a picture of,... and had an awesome lesson with a couple I met last time I went to Wetaskiwin. They are getting married this month and baptized next month. It's way cool! Then we had yummy dinner and yummy yummy Christmas cookies! They were called cherry winks. They are dang good! If you want the recipe, I definitely have it! Then we drove forever and exchanged back! I love exchanges, I love getting to know other missionaries, and their teaching skills and excetra.

Something I've read a ton is the Book of Enos. It's just so good! Enos is such a champ! But it made me reflect, what are my "wrestles before God"? How am I praying for the people around me? Does my soul hunger with a desire to have a remission of sins? When I pray, do I "cry to God" in faith? Is my faith unshaken in the Lord? I'm sure you could ask yourself all of these questions too!  
More exchanges in Edmonton today, and mission tour on Friday! I'm excited to learn from an apostle of God! Talk to you all next week! Have a great day!  

Sister Baker ❤🍁🇨🇦


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