Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fozen Toes that #lighttheworld

Helloooooo friends and family!

I hope that you all had a fantabulous week, cuz I sure did! ☺️

On Tuesday we had girls day for PDay with one of the members. Man, that was a blast! We got foot massages basically, and boy, do your feet get mangled as a missionary! Then we had yummy dinner there and they had cake for our birthdays that turned all of our mouths blue! That was fun!

On Wednesday we saw a bundle of people and helped out with Santa's village in the back of our favourite cafe! That was fun! They have so much cute stuff there.  It was a tad distracting at times! :P We stopped by a ton of people today and helped out another referral with her shop windows. Gotta love tiny towns! She was so sweet.  We went there to print off the branch Christmas dinner invitations and gave her the first one! We had dinner at crazy Sister Christian's! Haha! Her stories are the best. She was struck by lightning when she was 8.  She's told me like, 10 times! She's fun though! And she has a king German Shepard named Buttons.  She's HUGE! Also, this was my last
day being 20. I've spent an entire age on my mission now....  Crazy!

Thursday was all birthday shenanigans! Well, kind of... We had a district meeting in Camrose and we brought cake instead of doughnuts because I epically wiped out last week... so that was delicious! Side note for non CEM people- if we fall on ice, we owe the district doughnuts. It's like an unwritten rule. Anyways, after district meeting, we drove all the way back to play bingo with the folks at Points West. They're adorable! I love helping little blind Flo. After that, we got to go downtown to help with the Light Up the Street festival on Main Street! We got to chill with Santa... Sorry! I didn't get pics, but I definitely sat beside him on the hay ride! We were his helpers and sang carols with all the families on the hay bale ride! It was a blast, but our toes froze! We got to meet and see half the town though, so it was a SUPER good thing! Then we got to go tell funny stories from the night over free hot chocolate in guess where, our favourite café! One funny story- we overfilled one of the first loads and I fell off the bale I was sitting on because it was too tight. I think I got super abs from air sitting the second half of the ride!

Friday, we did our weekly planning and started doing some P90x. Ouchhhhh! :) Then we stopped by a lot of people and we had a good lesson with Michael (our investigator) about temples. He's been smoking again though, so we need to move his baptism date. :( Addictions are so hard to bust out of. Man!

On Saturday, we finally got to see the church's new Christmas video.  But it's awesome! The initiative is so great. 25 days of serving as Christ did!  I hope I can make that the focus of my Christmas season this year.

We went on a little road trip today to see some people in far away part of our area! We went to Provost and contacted a ton of people and invited some less actives to the
Christmas dinner. Then we drove to Chauvin to invite another less active, and then went down to Consort to stop by some potentials. :) It was a long day! ...And a foggy drive. It was a little scary sometimes! Glad there were no deer out! Oh!... We got all of our mail today from the branch president's wife who picked it up when she went to Edmonton! including scriptures we got for Devon, and scriptures I got rebound for me too! They're the coolest.  Be jealous!

On Sunday we got to give Devon his new scriptures and he loves them! Devon, I'm not sure if I've told y'all about him! He's the coolest kid with a heart of gold and an awesome testimony.  We are just waiting for moms approval for him to be baptized! Which hopefully is soon! After an awesome church meeting where we challenged all the Primary kids to invite a friend to the branch Christmas dinner after choir practice.

Oh! In choir we are singing this song called "Long Awaited One." I love this Christmas song. Check it out. The piece is beautiful!

On the topic of songs, have you ever heard Gentri's "Oh Holy Night"? You're insides will melt.

Also, the piano guys "It's gonna To Be Okay" is so happy! Prayers still going to the Schmitt family for the loss of their daughter Annie Schmitt.  Annie's last song with her brother is too sweet "Don't worry darling". Okay. That's enough songs, I think! I just love music so much though! Haha!

So we had an awesome lesson with Devon after church at the branch president's house on family history and temples. "Any questions, Devon?" "I just want to go to the temple!" He's so awesome! He loves his family so much and just wants the best for them!

On Monday, we volunteered at the library and part of that was sharpening like, 100 pencil crayons with an electric sharpener. Hehe! That was fun! Then we had a couple good lessons and helped a lady with her family history! I am learning to love family history so much! After dinner we did a few more bus stops but I sort of had a fever so we came home and worked on some paperwork stuff. It was a good day though! Every day I learn so much!

Transfers are coming up next week though, so who knows what'll happen! I think I might leave Wainwright for my last 12 weeks. We'll see. 😊

Love you all so much! Have a good week! Keep your heads up and remember how many people love you!

Sister Baker 🇨🇦🍁❤️

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