Thursday, October 27, 2016

No Test, No TESTimony!

Hola mi amigos y familia!

I hope you all have had an awesome week! I sure have, though it's been super, super fast! It's flown right on by! I barely even took any pictures this week! Oh man!
Well, on Wednesday we had our second ZedTM this transfer! We discussed exchanges and planning. It was way good, but nothing super fascinating to send home this time! Haha! What I will send a bit of is the departing missionaries testimonies, because those were all fab! We had I think, like, 8 elders going home, so that was rad! I'll just fire some one-liners at you super quick! 

"Don't waste the Savior's time" "Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are my best friends" "Do your best, whatever your best may be" "I did it! I REALLY DID IT! I didn't think I would do it, but I did!" "Be the companion you want to have" "Serve with valor, return home with honor" "I'm grateful for hard times, they've helped me grow the most" "I know that everything happens for a reason" "I've come to know what a testimony is" "Gratitude is a blessings of the gospel" "When you care about people, they're happy and you're happy too" "God doesn't like to give you the answer you want, He sometimes ruins your plan" "Two years isn't long, but you have more experiences in that time than in all the time before that" These elders were all awesome examples, I hope I serve as valiantly as they all have!

That night, we got to have a super low key chat about Sister missionaries for YW. That was fun, we played a "guess who" game and the YW were terrible at it! They had a 50/50 chance and got most of the questions wrong! 
On Thursday we did lots of tracting. On Friday we did lots of studying and had a few lessons, and then headed into Edmonton to spend the night with my last STL's before I took a big test in the city for school. Thinking about school makes me sick.... hahaha! On our way home we stopped in a few little towns and met a few less active members. One gave us a rad concert right there in his living room. He's a professional guitar player and singer and he's way good! Then we had a lesson with a super rad kid named Devon. He is so prepared for the gospel, I'm grateful to see what happens next with him! He said something cool though! We were talking about why the Fall of Adam and Eve was necessary and how without the bad we can't know the good and he whips out "Without the test, there's no TESTimony!" He's hilarious!

On Sunday Sister Grisham taught RS for us, that was sweet! She's an awesome teacher and I'll miss her because transfers are tomorrow and SHE'S LEAVING ME!!! It'll all be good though! She's moving on to fun stuff!
That's really about it for today! I guess, Sister Grisham found a sweet quote this morning that I loved, it's from the Oct. 2010 general conference, it says, 

"“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove” ( Matthew 17:20 ). I have never witnessed the removal of an actual mountain. But because of faith, I have seen a mountain of doubt and despair removed and replaced with hope and optimism. Because of faith, I have personally witnessed a mountain of sin replaced with repentance and forgiveness. And because of faith, I have personally witnessed a mountain of pain replaced with peace, hope, and gratitude. Yes, I have seen mountains removed."

So I thoroughly enjoyed that quote! We all have moved mountains, and will continue to do so with sufficient faith! As far as weather goes, all the snow is melted (Saturday and Sunday were beautiful) But it's super chilly out, so I expect it will be back soon! That's all for this week! 

Have an awesome week! Love you all! 

Sister Baker ❤🍁❄


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