Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Teaching Professor Snape and Beavertails

Well, this week's been good, as always! I'm always able to learn so so much!

We've been able to meet a lot of the members this week, which has been super duper awesome because I've been here a while and still know hardly any of them! We've been able to share the "Pray, Look, Speak" initiative with them all too! So that's been good. Have I mentioned that initiative yet anywhere? Yes, no, maybe? Well President asked us to share the initiative with all the members. It's to pray for missionary opportunities, look around us for the ones that happen around us each day and to open our mouths and speak up when we see them, to reach out and use gospel words and just do it. And then also to role-play with them, some common missionary opportunities we often have. It's been good!

We met with this super funny less active member and she was telling us about this guy from Ethiopia she's kind of dating.  Someone called in the middle of our lesson and when she hung up we asked if it was her boyfriend and she said "Well... Him". It was too funny! She's always hilarious!

We ran around all day Thursday! We went LRT stop contacting and ended up talking to someone who wanted to bash a bit. So we had to run like three blocks to get back to our car because we were late to a dinner appointment! Then after dinner, we got Beavertails! I've missed them! It was a way nice treat! We did more running that day too as we were late to another member appointment at the end of the night. So we got in some good exercise that day!

On Saturday, we contacted some new investigators and potentials and taught some older ones, so those were all super neat things! We had an awesome dinner... waffles for dinner, for starters, and  also the family we were with were the funniest playing the "Pray, Look, Speak" role play game we had. One of the kids was role playing a patient in a dentist's office waiting room and the dad was a member patient. He said, "You know it's important to keep your teeth clean, but it's also important to keep your Spirit clean" and the son replied (impersonating Snape), "Why would I want a clean soul, when I could have a dark soul... Avadakadabra!" It was historical! Best role plays with that family, ever! They were all so funny!

On Sunday we had lots of church, like usual, and I learned a lot from one of the youth speakers. He spoke on forgiveness. I forget all the details though! I left my journal at home so I'll give it to you next week!

Yesterday we did a lot of running around too but we had homemade Café Rio for dinner. It was delicious!

That's about it for my week....sorry nothing too exciting happened!

I read a really good blog post called "Finding Self Worth In a Selfie World" and it was awesome! So read that if you want some self confidence! Also, I started reading Jesus the Christ, and it's awesome! So read that if you'd like too!

Hope y'all have a good week! Love you all!

Sister Baker

The Edmonton Alberta Temple

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