Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Conclusions and Miracles

Hello friends and family!

I'm currently emailing you from inside west Ed! Woo! It's a blast!

I don't have much time to email but this week has been a blast though! I found out that next week we might be in Jasper! Soooo that's exciting! Hopefully it all works out!

So many cool experiences ...gah! I don't have time to share them all!

I've done some reflection lately. Here are some conclusions!

I am realizing that I'm now recognizing specific character flaws I have and am working on fixing them, not just beating myself up about everything. So it's been nice, a lot more constructive and less

Man, I've been able to just love myself so much more lately! I'm the happiest I've been my whole life! I'm just worried about wasting the last 6 months. It's definitely a fear I have. I need to work hard to
overcome that!

 I've just really loved my mission so far and I'm excited to continue to work hard. We discussed Mormon 9:15 with a dinner appointment yesterday and asked about miracles they've seen in their lives and the husband talked about how the world is really a miracle! We live on a ball that spins perfectly around the sun with another ball spinning perfectly around it and we are alive and sustained because of the ball. Some people say there are no miracles? How crazy! God is unchanging... everyday is a miracle! We also talked about how one of the biggest miracles to see is someone's life changing because the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Now that's truly a miracle!

It's usually not big things but the things that happen!

Some miracles I've seen this week.... We were tracting (proselyting) one day because we were early to a lesson and we needed to use a washroom, so we started walking in the direction of a member's home when we see two Mandarin Elders from a different area of town.  So we walk over to them and ask what they're doing here and they say they're just going to teach a Cantonese investigator that we know. So they call the Sister that's supposed to be meeting them there and she can't go.  They ask if we have some time to sit in on the lesson to help out.   It was just one of those perfect timing little miracles!

Another right place at the right time miracle was feeling like we should stop by a less active member's place.  They didn't answer, so we called and they said they were moving the next morning and really needed some help, We went over and helped where we could! It was awesome!

 I think one of my favourite moments this week was seeing a recent convert on Sunday! She is the sweetest and the best and I love her to pieces! I met Kayla my very first Sunday on my mission over one year ago and she was baptized my very last Saturday in that area back in February! I hadn't seen her since so it was such a sweet reunion! She's doing so so good! Ah! I think the best part is the love you have for everyone! You can't fit love for so many people in your tiny little heart!

That's all I have for this week!

Sister Baker ❤️

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