Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Monkey Artists At the West Edmonton Mall!

Well this week has been a blast!

On Tuesday we had exchanges with the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) and I got to go to Belmead! I got to experience my first Tri-pan (3 Sister companionship) because we had a Sister who had an interview with us for the day, Sister Smith. She's from Australia! After we dropped her off at the office, we went to the West Edmonton mall for dinner! What an overwhelming place! We walked around the mall and Galaxy Land.  There are a few pictures I sent! I can't wait to go back after my mission and do all the fun things there are there! Exchanges were fun but I was also so happy to be back with my companion, Sister Bischoff!

On Thursday we had a great dinner appointment, where we talked about the "Pray, Look, Speak" challenge and the members said we worked perfectly in conjunction with the Elders, so that was good!

On Friday we had an awesome lesson with a less active family and the Elders came too! We're hoping their daughter will get baptized soon!

On Saturday we got to paint with a less active member! That was a blast! I'm no artist, but I felt like it was possible! They invited us back after too! We also had dinner with this awesome young couple who are just so, so sweet! We had a blast playing a missionary role play game with them... they're too sweet!

On Sunday we had tons of church. We last minute taught a Gospel Principles class on fasting and ended up having 3 investigators there! Then in our other ward we taught the Young Women, and I gave a talk. When I walked into the chapel, my new mission president was sitting on the stand! That was a little nerve racking but I thought that the talk was still decent! After church we got to eat yummy, yummy Mexican food! It was soooo good! Then we met with a less active member and she told us all about the monkeys she had as pets back in the day! That was crazy cool! We asked her if she fulfilled a commitment we issued her and she said no, so Sister Bishoff said, "Did you actually think about it, or did you forget?" She super seriously said, "I forgot". Hahaha... that was funny!

On Monday we visited a new member to the ward who is from a part member family.  We were going down the stairs to their family room and Sister Bishoff slipped, Spider-Man grabbed the walls, and kicked me in the back, but didn't fall. It was pretty hilarious!  Too bad that wasn't caught on video!

That was about it for this week.  It's been good!

Love you all and have a good one!

Sister Baker!

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