Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Canada Day and Independence Day

Well. There were lots of things I planned on saying. But then I'm out of time. Sooo hi guys!

Last Tuesday, there was a ruckus outside of our apartment in which a girl from prom was desperately pleading, very loudly, and crying, very loudly, to a boy, not from prom. And he was so that touched by her attempts to make him understand something or other. There were lots of "baby, please" and " baby, no's" from both sides! We creepily and sneakily watched this, in case there was trouble, but it was over in 15 minutes! Hahaha! What a good way to start the email, right?

Anyways, onto the rest of the week!

Some less active member fainted on my companion when we opened her door, and then she insisted she still didn't need our help, so that was exciting!

We ate some African food, and some meatball curry.

Canada Day: Woo! Moved someone into their new house and also ate dinner at a community food truck thing.

Saturday we helped moved someone else and she INVITED HERSELF TO CHURCH! So that was really cool and random!

Church: Woo! Especially good because it was fast and testimony meeting and we had an investigator come to church!

4th of July: Woo! (Also saw Sister Rush that day, double woo!)

Red white and blue...

LOL!  Our attempt at forming out the words U S A for Independence Day... do you see it?

That's all I have time for, sorry!

Love ya'll

Sister Baker ❤️❤️

At the Edmonton Alberta temple.

Never lost in time with this big clock tower!

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