Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Traffic Everywhere!

Hello friends and family!

What a crazy week! We were in Edmonton Tuesday, and Wednesday and we hit sooo much construction and a shut down road so we had to take back roads and we barely made our temple
session, but they held it for us, so that was awesome!

Then we got to stay in the mission home and we had our last interviews with Pres. Manion.  Our  new mission president comes next month! Then went for a run to a work out park Wednesday morning and it was just so nice!

We had zone conference on Wednesday and I learned a lot. We talked about priesthood keys, which is a fascinating subject, so that was cool. Then we talked about attitude and behaviour and what motivates us. He described it like this:

(Editor's Note: Sorry this is all the letter I got this week.  Whether parts of it got deleted somehow or overlooked, I'm not sure!)

Zone Conference with missionaries and Pres and Sister Manion.

Riding our bikes to the Food Bank

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