Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hmmm...Where Am I Going From Here?

Hello friends and family!

Well, I'm being transferred!!!

Ahhh! I'm going to miss Cherry Grove so so much, but I know it's in capable hands. I've met so many great people out here! I got the phone call yesterday that tells me I'm leaving, but they changed it so now we have no clue where we are going or who we'll be with until we show up in Edmonton on Wednesday! So that's kind of stressful, but super exciting! Packing gets harder and harder every time. I keep accumulating so much stuff!

We did a lot this past week! A lot of lasts. We went to the food bank for the last time. We went to the community dinner for the last time and to the daycare for the last time. There's an outbreak at the daycare so that hasn't been to much fun.  We helped bleach clean everything there. It was a lot of work. We had lots of ribs this week too and it's been delicious!  :)

We got two investigators on date to be baptized, so that's also super exciting. The work is moving fast up here now! It's hard to leave!

We helped some members out in Saskatchewan pack a bit. They're moving Canada Day weekend and a new family is moving into the ward that same weekend.  So it'll be cool to hear more about that!

On Saturday we went to Onion Lake, Saskatchewan to help out the Elders and the senior couple in Lloydminister with a girls' day they had at a community church. We got to help teach them how to pray. We had a blast out there! One member taught the girls about family history and another member taught about self confidence. None of the girls were members, but they learned a lot.

 After we drove back and went to a beach for Noah's birthday party, there were lots of Hatch's haha! We had a great time getting to meet some of their family friends and celebrating with Noah.

Looking to start our own band...  How's this for a cover album?  LOL!

On Sunday we had a good old Papa Hatch breakfast before church, with pancakes and ice cream, bacon and eggs! It was soooo good! Then we had church and some great things were said.  It being Father's Day, there were a lot of talks on the importance of the Priesthood. I'm so, so grateful for all of the great Priesthood examples I've had in my life!

Then we had a good old Hatch lunch after church and took some pictures! I'm gonna miss them all a lot! They're like family to me! Then we stopped by a bunch of people the Elders set appointments with and they all fell through! :( So we went and helped out a family who needed some support.

Oh yeah! We got a new Ward mission leader and some new Ward missionaries! Can't wait to utilize them!

Yesterday I said goodbye to a lot of people! We went on another buffalo tour with the Sales for Sister Christensen.  All the babies are too cute! We also helped sanitize the daycare a little more! We
also were taught how to throw knives. #learneverything?

It's so surreal that I'm leaving! But I can't wait to meet and help even more people!

I love the work so much! And I love all of you!

Have a wonderful week!


Sister Baker ❤️❤️

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