Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rusty Nails and Exploding Watermelons

Last week was pretty crazy, sorry about that! But I'll try a little better today!

On Wednesday, we worked at the food bank. Tons of donations came in, again! Then we helped out baking at the daycare. That's always fun! And then we learned about modesty at Young Women's and made paper doll figures!

On Thursday, we ran around a bunch and then had a lesson with Will. He's a nuclear physicist and has a degree in psychology and he's super fit, and a military buff. He's also 60! So he's pretty cool. We love him! A young man preparing for his mission came with us to help in the discussion, so that was good! Will is committed to live the Word of Wisdom. He said his doctor wanted him to quit drinking coffee anyways! Haha! So that was great!

On Friday, we helped clean a sister's house who just had a baby. Then we went out to a farm to help a family build some fences. The guy helping us was wearing a white shirt, dress slacks and shoes, a vest and tie. And he said that was his casual wear. Pretty funny! Sister Christensen may have stepped on a rusty nail though. Thank goodness for tetanus shots!

On Saturday, we did the Cherry Grove highway cleanup. Cherry Grove is so clean compared to anywhere I've seen. There wasn't that much to pick up, but we all together did around 17kms or something like it, on both sides, so about 34kms of work. We were tired! But then we went and moved and sanded a bunch of shelves at the daycare after eating Mexican food with a few families for lunch! We finished by staining the shelves as well. Then we went to a Little Britches rodeo meeting with a member who's the president of the committee. It's basically Cherry Grove's claim to fame. Haha! It's a cute little rodeo grounds. Sad, I'll miss it! I'll need to come back to visit and see that!

On Sunday, we had a recently returned missionary speak as the high council travelling companion. He spoke what seemed like forever! But it was really good. He was super relatable because it was the anniversary of the Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood. All the talks were on the Priesthood, so that was nice. Then we had dinner with papa Hatch and his family and we came up with the brilliant idea to try to explode a watermelon with rubber bands. So we made plans for FHE the next day. We had a fun Book of Mormon reading with a part member family and talked about the Apocalypse/Second Coming. They have a great setup. We agreed to go to their place if anything like that happens anytime soon! Haha!

Yesterday, we cleaned this sweet sister's home for her. She has pretty severe disabilities, so it was a duration change with the help of the Relief Society president.

That's all for this week!

Love you all!

Sister Baker

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