Wednesday, May 4, 2016

At the Beach With 8 Cow Wives

This week! Well, how about I just explain the pictures because I don't have much time!

I forgot to say that I tried escargot on Monday! It was... Different. Not a favourite, but not the worst!

On p-day (preparation day) we had dinner with the girls! They had a whole date planned for us. After dinner we shared a message and then made dream catchers from the driftwood on the beach!

On Wednesday, we were invited to YW's (Young Women - ages 12-18) for a Johnny Lingo Luau! We watched the movie, ate fruit, and learned how to be an "8 cow wife" through the 8 YW values. We had mini games for each one! I loved them all! We actually had a fast for the youth this past Sunday. :)



We had a heat wave! Our car read like, 34 degrees on Sunday! We also went to the beach on Saturday with an investigator who just moved from BC. It was so nice that we took a few pictures after!

On Sunday we got our nails done by some youth... it was a blast! Then Sister Hatch tried to do some of my family history for me! It's not easy stuff! While I was in the other room for 2 minutes, Jamie tied up his grandma, then my companion! This is why you don't leave you're companion!

That's about it! Do something nice for your mom on Sunday! Love you all!

Oh. Readddd "But If Not..." From general conference a few years ago. :)

Sister Baker. :)

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