Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fort Mac Relief Efforts

Hello friends and family!

What a crazy week! I'm righting this while waiting for a house to pass us on the highway! It fits right in with the week! I got a massage from a lovely member this morning and now we're running to get an oil change in the next city before we go help with the Fort Mac relief effort.

Okay, sooo that's a good place to start, Fort McMurray is pretty crispy right now. We've been trying to keep up with it as much as possible. I know that the church didn't get burnt down in Fort Mac, though most things around it did. We fasted for the city and it rained on Sunday up there. Yay! Also, it was supposed to double in size and it didn't, so that's pretty cool! Fasting works! Speaking of relief for the city, we had a council here in Cold Lake with all the churches in the area. It was really cool! One of the pastors knows us, actually, many other church leaders know us, but one looked around until she found our number. She knew we were important, that was cool! Anyways, we're all working together instead of each doing our own things, and we're working with the city as well. There is so much support for the evacuees and it's super awesome to see! We have 300+ evacuees in just the Cold Lake/Cherry Grove area alone, so it's good that we are organized!

Haze from the fires in the air...

 Last week got pretty hot here. And we don't have a/c sooo we jimmied a portable one into our window. It doesn't open the way the a/c is built. So yeah, we're creative people!

On Thursday we had a district meeting and we helped with a service project in St. Paul. We watched a farmer gut and chop a pig. Then we got to see all his piglets and pigs. It was fun.

 We had the opportunity to go to a "Watoto" concert.  They're from an orphanage in Uganda, Africa. They were so sweet! They are awesome dancers and so entertaining. An older couple we visit invited us. :)  We may or may not have shed some tears... and we got the album and t-shirts and met the kids. It was a blast! Check them out!

We're still teaching seminary. We brought the kids donuts one morning.  It was fun! I love the youth in the ward They're too sweet!

We helped out by volunteering at the Ronald McDonald run on Saturday.  That was fun! We got stripy socks and Golden Arches and handed out prizes.  It was a blast!

We also helped move a bunch of sand and it was quite a workout. That was at the daycare where we also helped the kids make cute pendants for Mother's Day!

We got to see our families on Sunday! After talking to my mom, I skyped the Nabrotzky's for a bit. Nice to see how well everyone is doing at home.

That's really been my week! Hope you have a good one! Love you all!

Sister Baker

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