Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pushing Against Rocks and House Hunting

Hello family and friends!

You guys look like you're having a blast and a half! I miss you all like crazy! It's cooling down a bit here! My companion, Sister Bahtishi, is from Arizona. She's been wearing what I constitute as a winter jacket for weeks already! ...I'm still in t-shirts. Haha!


These week we've been traveling to surrounding cities a lot! We've been Halloween house hunting along the way! We love seeing all of the decorations! We've been meeting with less active members a lot lately and trying to emphasize the importance of home and visiting teaching! If you have an assignment... do it! And be sincere about it! Watch the new Mormon message, "Reaching Out With Love" I think it's my new favourite! But the point is to try harder and keep going.

"Latter-Day Saints Keep on Trying" was a general conference talk a little while back and it totally applies to reaching out to those around us! Someone spoke about it on Sunday at church and they gave a story about a man who encountered a rock on his path, when he inquired of the Lord what to do, he was told to push with all his might! He pushed and pushed everyday for years and the rock never budged. The man fell to his knees in agony and confusion and asked God what the point of pushing was when the boulder never moved! Heavenly Father told him that he was never asked to move the boulder, only to push against it. He told the man that now he was strong. He had muscles and he was prepared for future obstacles! I love this story! I can think of so many times when I've pushed and not recognized the outward results, but the results were really personal, preparing me for future things to come!


 I also had the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting this past Sunday! My first talk on the mission! It was based off of an article from the 2005 General Conference from Elder Bednar entitled "Becoming a Missionary". How ironic, haha! But.... we should all be working to become a better missionary. It is an obligation, it is what the Saviour expects!


I'm excited for Halloween! We carved pumpkins in FHE and it was a blast!

 That's about all I have for the week! Love and miss you all!

 Sister Baker

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