Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ready For a Change?

Hello friends and family!

Well this past week was so full of meetings and such! On Tuesday we played football for p-day (preparation day) and I got a touchdown... Just saying. Haha! Anyways, Wednesday we had a zone conference where we switched zones. It was different, with so many people I haven't met. They talked about some awesome things and gave some great insights on how to be more effective as a missionary. We were encouraged to find some things to "put on the alter of sacrifice" or give up. Some of my things I need to give up are being judgmental, not being Rudy on time, and using the words "shut up" and "suck". What are some things that you can give up to become more obedient and Christ like?

Then I went on exchanges (where missionaries change their companions for a day or two to work in other areas) and left my area for the first time! It felt so weird to be in a family ward!  There were older people and kids and you have to teach them all! It takes a lot of patience, that's for sure! I had a blast with sister Rush though. We all live together anyways so I don't really need to worry about not seeing her much. Ahaha! ...but it was an awesome 24 hours with her.

We have been getting busy! There are a lot of less active members that we've been reaching out too. Parents are always trying to get their kids back on track with us, it's so nice to see their love and concern, that they really care about their kids.

We had a YSA (Young Single Adult group 18 - 30 yrs group) meeting yesterday with all the other YSA missionaries. This age is such a crucial decision making time in everyone's life so it's cool to be a part of it.

I'm giving a talk in church next week, so that's crazy! Anddd ....hmm what else... Ooo! We've been getting more meals, so that's appreciated! We ran out of money on our allotment cards for the month already so it's been nice! The ward is so awesome at being involved! Don't forget to invite people you know! You are the biggest source of investigators! Talk to everyone and invite people to meet with the missionaries! You never know who's ready for change!

Love you all!

Sorry I don't have pictures this week!

Sister Baker

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