Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kneescaps, Rainforests and Police Officers

Hello friends and family!

Wow the week was great! I absolutely adore all of the members in Kingsway YSA! I made cookies from scratch and forgot a whole cup of flour the first batch. My cookies may have boiled. Oops!

Hot chocolate and donuts!
Ahaha... anywayssss, I went to a foot doctor because I've been having problems with my knee since the MTC and I was told my kneecap is slightly off of my knee. Anyways, the doctor was super cool and diagnosed me with patela-femoral syndrome which basically means I've always has this problem and it's just wearing on me now. It basically means my ankles are pressured inward and my feet are flat and its pulling the bottom part of my leg and knee cap inward. But it is fixed by propping my toes up and straightening my ankle, so he offered to give me inserts to correct it for free (they're actually super expensive so his charity is well appreciated)!

While I was there I met a sister Riddely whispered in Ontario a very long time ago and knows the Nabrotzky's from Walkerton and the Jakob's... so woah small world!

While we were on the south side we went to the bookstore which was SOOO cool. I love church bookstores. There's so much cool stuff! We've been getting a lot more dinner appointments so yum yum in my tum! 😄 I extended my first invitation to baptism on Sunday and now we have a baptism scheduled for December 12 hopefully. It's always so great teaching her!

The other night we had dinner with Hugh, a recent convert and a bunch of other YSA. I felt like we should talk about opening our mouths to share the gospel, so after the dinner (of delicious homemade sushi and dumplings) I got all of them to write their testimonies in a Book of Mormon.  We then raced to hand them out to someone in the neighbourhood. They all loved it and had a blast and we handed out one of them! And everyone else knew who they wanted to give it to once they came back unsuccessful. Such a good experience. They realized that inviting their friends was WAY easier than getting doors shut on their faces 😝

We went on exchanges for the first time this week with our sister training leaders but it's funny cuz we're all already in the same 4 man flat so nothing changed all that much. We cleaned out our contacts list and area books and played pool on Friday and ordered tons of pizza from Papa Johns and a giant chocolate chip cookie that was delicious!

 Funny story.... We went to an arena (like we often do) to find people to talk to.  We started talking to one lady and the police all of a sudden were standing right behind us. It was a tad unsettling because when we walked away they followed us for a bit so we just left. It was interesting to say the least. Maybe we should have shared the gospel with them! We found a rainforest in the city when we couldn't find parking by the library and just ended up paying for it. 😒 But it was all fun!

Until next week

Sister Baker

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