Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Don't Tempt the Lion!

Only two weeks? Wow it feels like I've been here for months!

Hellooo friends and family!

Sooo... writing things for this blog is hard! I'm never too sure what to say. I guess I have a few pictures from this week. The elders always change things on our car (mirrors, wipers, etc) so when we saw that their car was dirty we took full advantage!

In other news, it was Elder Song and Elder Nemeth's birthdays this week so we got them a princess cake and ice cream and had a good time at our district meeting. We took some pictures as a branch that are interesting to say the least....

Sister Bahtishi and I got some funky sunglasses and enjoyed our service at the bike shop on Thursday (we clean and prepare bikes for repair and/or do minor repairs on bikes every Thursday). Hmm... we used a lot of km's on our car so we have been adventuring on the buses today.

We went to Soda Jerks this week, an awesome build your own burger place. I included a menu with the options and it's pretty crazy to say the least.... It was delicious though and they have great shakes as well. I will return.

Elder Golden of the 70 and his wife shared some great insights during the north Edmonton stake conference this weekend. He mentioned that faith = personal righteousness. If you desire an increase of faith, increase your personal righteousness.  It's that simple. He also spoke to us about how many of those we plead for who have fallen away will come back in due time, and how the Lord doesn't take their personal agency away and will not force anyone to return because of our prayers, God is still mighty to save. He mentions that those who come in the 11th hour receive the same as those who come in the 1st.

Sister Golden likened the adversity to a lion and warned us not to tempt the lion by getting into sticky situations. I had the chance to speak briefly with her, with President and Sister Manion. Her Spirit is unbelievably strong. All and all, I have learned much and I am excited for the mission tour this Thursday to hear more.

I have been making good use of my umbrella the past week. It poured all weekend! The rain was so needed though, as Edmonton is extremely dry. 

It's always a pleasure to hear from you back home and I'll try to email as many of you back as possible. If you have specific questions it helps me to respond more effectively!

Love you all so much,

Sister Jessica Baker

(Sorry about the pics... there were some technical difficulties this week and the intended pictures never got sent!  That's ok.  She sent a bunch in the past two week!  I will try to insert them here next week if we can get the bugs worked out next week!)

I got a haircut too!! it was free, I forgot to mention! BEFORE...

AFTER... not much of a change!

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