Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Week of the Unprecedented

Hello friends and family!

The title. I hope it intrigues you. I'll explain. So Sister Bischoff and I found out we were both being transferred two weeks ago, so we ran around saying our goodbyes to all those we've come to love so much! We also ran around preparing our apartment to be shut down! It was a great week, but crazy! I have loved these members and I have really loved Sister Bischoff. It's sad to go our separate ways!

Last Tuesday we found out where we were going. Wednesday was transfers. Two crazy things happened. I got transferred to a small town southeast of Edmonton called Wainwright, where Sister missionaries have never ever been. My new companion, Sister Grisham and I, are the very first, and neither of us know anything about the area. Being "pinkwashed" has been just crazy!
Elders are not clean, not even a little bit! (referring to the apartment)...But we got everything fixed up and we met most of the tiny branch out here in under a week!

The second unprecedented thing- we are in a district with all Sisters, which no one in this mission has seen before!  It's super crazy and even crazier than that, I'm the district leader! It's overwhelming and I feel incapable, but it's never been done in this mission before, so I can't mess up too badly! I'm so excited to lead out a Sisters district in these small towns out here!

I missed outlying so much. I'm happy to be back with all the cows and Cowboys! It's been a blast so far, exploring some of our area. This area also goes out to Saskatchewan, like Cold Lake did, so we're excited to do some work out there!

We had an awesome Stake Conference and I learned a lot, though I didn't bring my notes with me now so I'll share some more insights next week!

I have been reading an article called "How Can I Be the Woman of Whom I Dream" from a conference address by Gordon B. Hinckley a few years back! It's so powerful and motivating, I love it!

If you didn't get to see me on the 10th, here are some links to some of the pictures taken for #yegmormon day! 

Love you all so much! See you next week! 

Sister Baker 

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